Leadership. For HIV.


Gambella, Ethiopia

Allow me to brag.  CCL has an amazing program in Ethiopia’s Gambella Region.

We’re preventing at-risk girls from getting into risky behaviors that lead to HIV.

And guess what?

We use leadership as the platform for change.

But some of you might know CCL.  And you might be thinking…

“Isn’t leadership development for top level managers and execs?”

Yes.  Yes it is.  But it’s also for teenage girls.

Teenage girls? In Africa?

Well. dot. dot. dot. If you are a teenage girl in western Ethiopia… let’s say Gambella… maybe you’ve been categorized as “at-risk” due to your poverty level and behavior.

But what if you were connected to a young women that is slightly older who meets with you on a regular basis.  This women has made it through high school, didn’t drop out due to family pressures, didn’t get caught up in risky behaviors, and didn’t get HIV.  Role model stuff.

Now this woman invests in you because she knows what it’s like to be you. She helps challenge the junk that your community imposes on you because you’re female.  She helps you understand yourself.  She empowers you to lead yourself and the decisions you make.  She helps you enact positive change.

We call this mentoring.

It’s leadership. At the grassroots.  For teenage girls.

So, at the grassroots. In Gambella. In Ethiopia… There are nearly 4,000 at-risk teenage girls being mentored.

But we’re not big on labels… and we know that many of these girls are not so ‘at-risk’ anymore.

They’re being mentored.  They’re changing what society says about being a teenage girl.

Leadership.  For HIV.

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